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Thai Yoga Therapy includes a pattern of slow hand movement called "elephant walking."   It is a very rhythmic, and deeply relaxing technique.  These gentle creatures are powerful and purposeful, teaching us how to be truly mindful.



Thai Yoga Therapy by Neilly integrates evidenced-based myofascial principles, neuroscience, and physical medicine with ancient wisdom.

Passive range of motion, myofascial release, gentle therapeutic yoga, crania-sacral therapies, acupressure, and rhythmic gradual tissue compression are all blended together to addresses the whole body and being. 

Together these actions relieve muscular and myofascial tension, improve circulation, and calm the nervous system, allowing for deep relaxation and comfort, where healing takes place, restoring vitality. 

This integrated practice is actualized to address your unique needs.

I have taken these ancient healing arts and integrated them with the knowledge of physical medicine and rehabilitation sciences to improve safety and efficacy. I am on the only physiatrist who practices this integrated full complement of healing modalities.


  •  Induces a calm, mental state

  •  Relieves muscular and  myofascial  tension

  •  Increases flexibility and range  of  motion

  •  Stimulates circulation including  microcirculation

  •  Moves lymphatic fluids improving  immune function

  •  Reduces organ and myofascial  scarring and adhesions

  •  Regulates digestion

  •  Activates the gut-brain axis and  the parasympathetic nervous  system

  •  Improves overall physical function

  •  Enhances sports performance

  •  Rehabilitates injuries

  •  Restores vitality and well being

  •  For all ages and abilities

Thai Yoga Therapy by Neilly_flow
Thai Yoga Therapy by Neilly_heart
Thai Yoga by Neilly_earth wind

More about Thai Yoga Therapy

Thai Yoga Therapy is performed with loose and comfortable clothing on a special comfortable mat.


Sessions generally last 1.5-2 hours addressing the whole body with special attention to your needs.  A technique called Chi Nei Tsang may be added or the focus of your session, a specialized abdominal treatment to help with balancing your overall health, and release deep tension.

It is recommended that the shortest time allowed is 1.5 hours (90 minutes), but it is understandable if you only have an hour.

No yoga experience is necessary. All persons of any age, including children and older adults, any stage of life, and ability can benefit.  

"Thank you for taking care of my heart." Brad G.

"It was the best 'massage' of my life! My back felt so much better." Dave R.​

"I felt immediately  rejuvenated, and my running felt more balanced after." Tim F.

"Dr. B. gave me back my son! from a serious brain injury." Trina H.

"Dr. B made the passing of my wife comfortable and peaceful,  putting us all at ease." Norm M.

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